Training Orchestra significantly expanded its global client base and total number of users in 2015. The growth was primarily enabled by market demand for advanced features based on training industry best practices. The capabilities of the Training Administration Software will be demonstrated at a conference in London, February 3-4 at Caesars Palace Olympia, stand L3.

As part of an end-to-end solution, the training logistics module for instructor led training optimizes the resources including the ability to select easily the most appropriate instructor at a given location taking into account key criteria such as skillset, availability, qualifications and language. Not only can one see who the best available instructors are but also the associated cost and what other resources are required for planning such as classrooms, catering, simulators and more. Ultimately, advanced features also allow the optimization of the filling rate for each session as well as recycling of the trainees over time.

Two added-value and optimization components of the software fr commercial training companies are automated invoicing combined with pricing management. With all required information being stored in the system, generating invoices is made straight forward with all billable items being included.

Negotiated pricing is invoiced per client contract taking into consideration discounts, special offers or other factors. This simplified billing and ensures that each client is invoiced at the right price for the right session. With the ability to generate automatically all administrative deliverables, to track the entire sales process from order to invoice and including yield management, training companies can maximize their profitability.