Aerosim has installed an A320 virtual maintenance trainer (VMT) at the Prospects College of Advanced Technology (PROCAT).

PROCAT is a college located in the UK committed to the advancement of technical skills training. The A320 VMT is a simulation-based training tool designed to reduce training costs and increase operational efficiency by teaching any number of aircraft malfunctions on demand. The A320 VMT was the first of its kind installed at the school.

"Since installing the A320 VMT at our Engineering campus, we've found that we are able to satisfy a number of training outcomes that would have previously required access to a live aircraft. Utilizing the VMT to familiarize our learners with; basic flight deck layout and configuration, general maintenance operations such as installing ground locks and safety devices and application of ground services has saved us a huge amount of time and eliminated any interruption to the production schedule of workplace partners," said Murray Woodington, EASA Part 147 training manager, PROCAT.