Boosting aviation training and capacity is a strategic objective for ICAO, as highlighted by its recognition of six TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Members and two course validators at the ICAO Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Global Symposium.

The event took place in Seoul and was hosted by the Republic of Korea's Ministry of Land and Infrastructure Transportation (MOLIT) and the Incheon AIrport Aviation Academy (IAA).

TRAINAIR PLUS Members were acknowledged for their outstanding achievements in course development, course validation, instructional delivery, implementation of Standardized Training Packages (STPs), exchanges of training packages, and shared STP deliveries. Six prizes were given to training centres from around the globe while two individuals received the honorary John Chapman Validator Prize. This prize is awarded to instructors and validators in recognition of contributions to improving the quality of training development and for achieving the world's highest number of validations of STPs (with the fewest rejections).

"Worldwide flight capacity is set to double by 2030, and ICAO recognizes that States must continue the development of highly-skilled aviation professionals in order to access the full socio-economic benefits of this growth," said ICAO Secretary General, Dr. Fang Lui. "It is heartening to see that excellence is a shared value amongst our ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS members. These outcomes are a direct result of these institutions' dedication to partnership and collaboration with ICAO."

The prize recipients are as follows:

China: Capital Airports Holding Management for highest number of validated STP's.

Mexico: Centro Internacional de Instruccion de Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares - Ingeniero Roberto Kobeh González for highest number of trainees through one STP.

Rep. of Korea: Incheon Airport Aviation Academy for most exported STP.

Nigeria: Nigerian College of Aviation Technology (NCAT) for highest number of instructors and greatest number of ICAO courses.

Kenya: East African School of Aviation for highest number of course developers.

Philippines: Civil Aviation Training Center - Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines for highest number of training managers.

John Chapman Validator Prize recipients

Dominican Republic: Mr. Arando Jordi Viera

Niger: Mr. Jacques Belinga

Additional, 25 training organizations obtained recognition as new TRAINAIR PLUS Association Members, Full Members, or Regional Training Centres of Excellence.