FlightSafety International has expanded its Rejected Takeoff Go/No-Go course for pilots who fly Gulfstream aircraft. The course is now available for the Gulfstream GIV, GV, G450, G550 and G650 aircraft and is designed to promote best-practices and enhance go/no-go decision making.

FlightSafety's Rejected Takeoff course puts a two-pilot flight crew through a challenging series of V1 decision scenarios that will allow them to become proficient in their flight department's takeoff briefings and the go/no-go decision. During this four-hour course, each crew member will face 18 different V1 scenarios, requiring a decision to either continue the takeoff or abort.

In addition to gaining proficiency in the go/no-go decision-making process, this course also gives pilots an opportunity to fly their aircraft under the high stress and demands of an emergency return. Many pilots have never operated their aircraft with the level of aggressiveness required to get back to the airport quickly under emergency conditions. Each pilot will have the opportunity to practice multiple emergency return scenarios to proficiency.