Flyco Training Solutions Group has recently announced that they will be providing Jet There USA with their LMS and courseware.

Flyco's LMS will allow Jet There pilots to have access to compact and engaging courses, saving undesired time behind a computer for the pilots, and covering all the mandatory regulations imposed by the regulatory authorities.

All Flyco courseware is fully compliant with EASA, IATA and ICAO regulations. The company has announced that working closely with Jetthere they have now also obtained their FAA approval.

"Our approach towards any of our clients is to be "Your Solutions Provider". We realise that each company has various specific requests and requirements when it comes to Learning Management Systems, hence instead of providing generic courseware and LMS, we as Flyco Group have chosen the path of offering fully customisable overall system backed up by our strong support team to our clients," said Orcun Sufraci, the group's Chief Technology Officer.