MINT Software Systems has presented the new “MyMint App”, an enhancement for its Training and Resource Management System, MINT TRMS. The new MyMint App runs on IOS and Android systems and is the mobile connection to the MINT training and resource management system database and displays individual training schedules anywhere, at any time.

If an employee is scheduled to participate at a training event, the app automatically synchronizes the MINT schedule information and displays the new event to the recipient in an easy to read format. All relevant schedule information is displayed, like event start and end times, location and even a list of all other participants of the event or meeting.

Should the schedule be changed by the MINT planner, the app immediately displays the new schedule data by automatically synchronizing the data with the MINT servers. This way, no new scheduled event or schedule changes get lost and all instructors and trainees are up-to-date, wherever they are.

The app has been developed to support all MINT SaaS customer databases and runs on both IOS and Android mobile devices.