Hong Kong Airlines is to deliver a cadet pilot program in partnership with L3 Commercial Training Solutions’ Airline Academy (L3 CTS) in a bid to support resourcing demands as it expands from a regional airline to an international carrier.

The cadet pilot program, which is open for applications until 31st July 2017, will select 8 to 15 candidates with no flying experience to embark on an 18-month training course at the L3 Airline Academy Training Center in New Zealand by the end of this year. Graduates of the program will become fully employed Second Officers with Hong Kong Airlines.

Elsewhere, Hong Kong Airlines' own aviation training centre is set to be completed by the end of 2018 and will house 12 full flight simulators with complete training facilities.

Hong Kong Airlines operates routes to over 30 major cities in the Asia Pacific region, and has plans to further connect Hong Kong with aviation hubs in North America and Europe. The company is due to launch a new route to Vancouver by the end of June 2017.