Fiji Airways is to use the Training Management and Deployment System (TMDS) and courseware from Pelesys for its flight operations training.

Pelesys will provide the Fijian flag carrier with material related to both the Airbus A330 and Boeing B737 alongside its complete library of Special Operations courseware to support the carrier’s initial and recurrent training programs.

These courses will be deployed using Pelesys’ TMDS, which includes a Learning Management System (LMS); Qualifications Management System (EGS); and CrewPad, a tablet-based system that provides Fiji Airways trainees with the ability to complete their training on or offline while still maintaining training compliance and ensuring complete audit control and data security.

Fiji Airways will also adopt Pelesys’ Electronic Training Records (ETR) module. ETR manages all assessments conducted within the current training program using electronic grading and data collection. It also provides the upgrade path towards a full Evidence-Based Training (EBT) program, and could result in the elimination of paper-based records. Pelesys’ ETR module is provided in partnership with Logitude Ltd.