Peak Pacific has acquired a majority interest in Belgium-registered aviation software start-up CavokSoft’s Electronic Training Objects (eTo) product.

The two companies have signed a long-term business partnership agreement that will provide CavokSoft access to Peak Pacific’s technology expertise and resources, enabling eTo to grow into a commercially viable product with a global customer base.

Peak Pacific's Founder and Group CEO, Kishor Mistry, said the agreement was part of the Group’s plan to strengthen its technology offerings in the pilot training software segment of the global aviation training market.

“In this age of specialisation, business requirements of Flight Training departments are rapidly evolving from high-level generalised systems to niche, detailed processes," commented Mistry. "Much of this is evolving out of the new methods and approaches such as Evidence-Based Training (EBT). But to complement these new methods, there is a need for technology products to also evolve from the traditional enterprise-based model wherein new requirements are forced to fit into decades-old systems and technologies.

“Peak Pacific is focused on building such technology and supporting entrepreneurs that meet such niche requirements in newer ways. Cavoksoft has a great product that has potential for global growth, and we are delighted to be a part of that growth. This acquisition gives us yet another strong business partner in Europe, and a fantastic new product for pilot training support that we can offer to our customers worldwide.”

According to Alain Heddebaut, Founder of Cavoksoft, “Aircrafts and simulators have improved dramatically over the last 30 years. Training programs and regulations have also evolved significantly, especially with the recent introduction of EBT; however, if you consider the way training sessions are created, performed and assessed, very little has changed.

“We designed eTo to address this gap – enabling instructors to efficiently manage the process of designing, deploying, and updating Simulator Training Programs," Heddebaut continued. "The partnership with Peak Pacific gives us the resources, technology, and business support to build our Minimum Viable Product into a world-class commercial offering. It will also enable us to offer a strong delivery and support infrastructure to our growing list of customers."