The Finnish Civil Aviation Authority has granted Coptersafety’s H145 full flight simulator (FFS) Level D certification.

The simulator was delivered by TRU Simulation + Training following a three-month installation period beginning in July 2017 and is now available for use at Coptersafety’s training centre, which is adjacent to Helsinki International Airport in Finland.

“This is the first major milestone on Coptersafety’s journey of becoming the world’s leading training service provider,” declared Mikko Dahlman, Coptersafety’s CEO and H145 pilot. “I am proud to offer my fellow H145 pilots the best available training and bring the entire industry’s safety development to a whole new level.

“Staying on schedule and delivering as promised is a matter of honour to us,” Dahlman continued. “Precision is at the core of our service, especially since our mission is to improve aviation safety. Finns are known for their punctuality and incorruptibility, so being rooted in Finland has many advantages.”

One of Coptersafety’s first H145 simulator clients is Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance (Babcock SAA). Eetu Peuraniemi, the company’s Deputy Crew Training Manager, explained, “Babcock SAA is committed to improving the safety of its HEMS operations, without forgetting training efficiency. The certification of Coptersafety's H145 full flight simulator brings a new, unique, high-quality option to the flight training community.

“We are excited for this opportunity and will benefit from the one-to-one supplemental equipment onboard, along with operational areas that include detailed hospital helipads.”

German company Reiser Simulation and Training provided the simulator with its replicated H145 helicopter cockpit, the H145 flight model and the simulated Helionix avionics software.

Dr. Roman Sperl, CEO of Reiser Simulation and Training, commented, “This on-time certification of the H145 project is an example of a very successful cooperation between two world-class simulator companies, one in the US and the other in Germany; the operator, Coptersafety; and the Finnish Regulatory Authority. It is testament to what can be achieved if organizations are committed to excellence.”