Salinas, California-based Bob Hoover Academy (BHA) has partnered with Redbird Flight Simulations to integrate flight simulation into its curriculum.

Under the name ‘Every Kid Can Fly’, the academy has executed a full ground training curriculum and flight training programme for several years with a single instructor and aircraft. Now, with a full-motion Redbird FMX simulator, BHA students can hone their skills away from the aircraft.

This year, BHA students be introduced to visual and instrument flight in the simulator. They will also use it to debrief flights and recreate their flight paths to reconcile mistakes.

BHA utilises flight training to engage local, at-risk teens in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. “Our partnership with Redbird is multiplying the scope and impact of the academy,” stated BHA’s Chairman and Co-founder, Sean Tucker. “As with any programme, time in our aircraft and with our instructor is limited by a number of factors. Simulation helps our students make the most of that time.”

In July last year, Redbird received FAA approval for its VTO full motion helicopter trainer.