Vienna, Austria-based company Austro Control recently entered into a training service agreement with Flyco Training Solutions.

Under the agreement, Austro Control will benefit from the use of Flyco’s Advanced Learning Management System (A-LMS) for its search and rescue pilots and other personnel.

Flyco’s A-LMS offering includes an E-library consisting of General Subjects courses for pilots, dispatchers, technicians, managers, handling personnel, loadmasters and ground personnel. Users can access their scheduled training both on and offline via Flyco’s apps for Android and iOS devices.

The solution allows Austro Control’s administrators to create detailed reports, obtain user training performance statistics and carry out customised assessments for crew. It also has useful functions such as an Advanced Report Server (ARS) and fully automated Licence Auto-Track (LAT) to ease the workload of administration teams.

Flyco’s systems and courseware have already been fully approved by the Austrian CAA.The company recently announced similar training service agreements with Egyptian carriers Nile Air and Nesma Airlines.