The first cohort of pilots to take part in the JetBlue Gateway Select competency-based training programme have completed their primary classroom, technical and flight training and will now work towards receiving their Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate by earning their FAA-mandated 1,500 hours of flying time as flight instructors.

The aspiring pilots began in August 2016 by undertaking airline and skills-based training at JetBlue University in Orlando before gaining flying experience at CAE Phoenix, CAE's aviation academy in Mesa, Arizona. Now, as flight instructors themselves, the candidates will provide flight instruction to the third cohort of Gateway Select candidates, who are currently in the finishing stages of their classroom learning. After instructing for two years, they will become First Officers at JetBlue.

The Gateway Select programme is being completed in cohort classes. There are currently four classes in various stages of the programme, ranging from private pilot training through to positions as flight instructors.

JetBlue is currently accepting applications for the next round of candidates slated to start training as early as fall 2018.