FTD.aero has completed the successful certification of its B738/F2M flight simulator as an EASA FNPT II/MCC FSTD.

The B738/F2M is a fixed-base training device which can be utilised by flight schools and flight training centres, during cadet training to their next licence endorsement, such as Instrument Rating (IR) or Multi Engine Rating (ME). FTD.aero states that with the B738/F2M simulator, the pilot can be trained to the standards required by a commercial air transport (CAT) operator, complying with newly introduced APS MCC according to AMC2 FCL.735-A. Enhanced Multi Crew Co-operation (MCC) to airline pilot standards (APS MCC) can be completed in a realistic multi crew environment and with SOP's as in a real commercial airplane.

The simulator can be utilised as a procedures and cockpit familiarisation trainer, or in MPL training - Phase 2, vastly improving training capability and quality. It can also be utilised in all non-type related activities, like pilot screenings, familiarisation in Operator Conversion Course (OCC), airport or route familiarisation, etc.

A simplified version of the B738/F2M simulator, the procedures trainer is also available. Unlike flat panel trainers, which use touch screens to represent the cockpit, the FTD.aero procedures trainer delivers a realistic 3D cockpit environment with accurate controls and panels equipped with tactile switches and components. This increases realism, training efficiency and quality, and also facilitating cockpit and procedures familiarization from day one of the training.