Air Georgian Ltd. has unveiled plans for a new training academy initiative on the northwest fringe of Toronto Pearson International Airport. The Academy will provide pilots and other employees, industry players and academic partners a dedicated, purpose-designed facility for training, personal study, learning development, and the tools required to expand their careers.

The goal of the Academy is to promote professional learning and individual advancement through research and development, the use of leading technologies, and promoting partnerships.

John Tory, the company's vice president for corporate development and government relations commented: "We are creating a space dedicated to learning, to employee development and fostering a learning culture that's adaptable. The people who will be there - instructors, students and the planners - will be able to ensure that our training not only exceeds regulatory requirements but is also meeting the needs of the student and, where applicable, driving regulatory change."

Students will be drawn mainly from Air Georgian's SOAR (sharing opportunities for advancement and reward) program, through which the company partners with other operators and flight schools across the country.

The Academy will draw on the guidance of Dr. Suzanne Kearns, Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, and Air Georgian Advisory Board Member.

"It's my pleasure to congratulate Air Georgian on the development of their Academy. At a time when the global aviation industry is facing a shortage of qualified professionals, it is encouraging to see a company investing in a forward-thinking educational environment."

The Academy will incorporate classrooms of varying sizes, capable of supporting ground schools, maintenance type training, flight attendant training, corporate training, and communications events.

"Today, almost 1 in 3 Air Canada pilots spent part of their journey at Air Georgian," said Julie Mailhot, Air Georgian's COO. "I am excited by our investment in training not only for pilots but also for the rest of our team and the promise it holds for the next generation of Air Georgian pilots, maintenance personnel and cabin crew."


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