ELITE Simulation Solutions has installed an iGate Series cockpit enclosed advanced aviation training device (AATD) at HP Flight School in Panama City, Panama. The school is located at Marcos Gelabert International airport in Panama City and has about 120 students operating Piper PA-28 aircraft, a PA-44 Seminole and the ELITE AATD trainer.

The ELITE iGate AATD features both the Piper Archer and Piper Seneca aircraft models, equipped with a real Garmin GPS unit in a cockpit enclosure, making the transfer from training environment to aircraft seamless.

The primary function of the ELITE device will be the training of pilots toward their instrument rating, at a usage rate of about 20 hours per student. HP Flight School is planning to expand the use for the AATD into their other training curriculum, increasing its usage for private pilot and commercial pilot students in accordance with the FAA's allowable credit hours towards each.