Irish airline Stobart Air, a franchise partner for major airlines, collaborated with the Cork International Airport-based Atlantic Flight Training Academy (AFTA) to train and recruit new pilots this year in, what the companies say, is a first-of-its-kind program. At the end of the program students will earn a commercial flying license and guaranteed, full-time employment as first officers with Stobart Air.

Stobart Air and AFTA developed a 16-month training program that will build students’ flight navigation skills, theoretical knowledge and flight performance. The program includes 220 flight hours at Cork International Airport, ongoing mentorships with Stobart Air pilots and a course with evidence-based scenarios to build students’ skills in an abnormal flight event.

Students will fly AFTA’s glass-cockpit Cessna 172 in the initial phase of flight training and the Piper Seneca in advanced phases. Simulators will be based on the Boeing 737 NG.

The school is accepting applications now. Please send a cv to