The Wings Alliance, a non-profit association of Flight Training Schools, launched the Whitetail Cadet Program that gives individuals with little or no flying experience an opportunity to complete their European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) training through an alliance of Flight Training Schools in Spain, Sweden and the U.K.

The 16-month full-time, campus-based, modular program is designed to place students in their first airline job at a lower cost than competitors and is focused on airline optimized training in the latest glass-cockpit aircraft. The program will familiarize individuals with two-pilot operations early in their training so time normally spent flying solo on visual navigation exercises can be replaced by more relevant two-pilot, instrument flight rule and airline style procedures.

The program also features:

  • Exposure to a range of European airspace.
  • Eligibility to apply for a Training Bond to help spread the cost of training.
  • 30 percent more flying time than an integrated cadet program.
CEO of the Wings Alliance, Rod Wren says, “On traditional flight training courses, student pilots will spend much of their time flying on their own ‘visually’: without reference to the flight instruments. However, airline pilots always operate as part of a team and under ‘Instrument Flight Rules’ (IFR). Our program is unique in introducing multi-pilot IFR airline style flying as part of basic training, making it more relevant to our cadets’ future as airline pilots.”

Wren says its modular program costs substantially less than traditional integrated courses because the Wings association is a non-profit organization.

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