Pacific Sky Aviation Inc. (Pacific Sky) has purchased the Fox Training Management System by Britannica Knowledge Systems as its new cloud-based training management platform. Pacific Sky is a Transport Canada and EASA -approved provider of new pilot initial licensing and ratings as well as Multi-Engine, IFR and Twin Otter pilot training.

Fox will help oversee pilot training at the Pacific Sky Flight Training Center in Calgary near the International Airport, Alberta, Canada, for the Twin Otter and CL Water Bomber programs.

"Pacific Sky is excited to introduce the Fox Training Management System into our operations," said Mauro Pezzetta, General Manager for Training & Simulation. "We were looking for one system to cover all our needs. The Fox Training Management System covers all of our operational requirements ranging from resource scheduling, scheduling management, pilot training records, qualification management and learning management systems. We look forward to working with the service excellence and professionalism that Britannica provides."

Fox has been recognized as the leading solution for large training operations, including American Airlines, ANA, Boeing, LATAM and United Airlines. Pacific Sky will have access to the same comprehensive award-winning tools as these larger organizations, while taking advantage of Britannica's approach for smaller companies based on scalable pricing, easy onboarding tools, and preconfigured, structured business process solutions.

With Fox, Pacific Sky will be able to adeptly manage planning and scheduling, instructional devices and other training resources, instructors, qualifications, record keeping, training development, learning and testing, performance evaluation, and analytics. Pacific Sky instructors and evaluators will use the Fox Grading app to ensure training quality and maintain standards by capturing performance data, in real-time on mobile devices, both online and offline.