Fidelity Flight Simulation Inc. (F2Si) delivered its Modular Aviation Training Equipment (MATE), a Diamond DA40/DA20 Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD), to the Community College of Beaver County (CCBC) located in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. This effort was delivered on time and ready to train for CCBC’s 2019 spring semester. The device includes both Diamond DA40 and DA20 flight models, allowing students to train on different air frames. It will prepare students for flying the course curriculum in an actual aircraft provided by ACES Aviation, the training partner of CCBC, located at the Beaver Country airport.

 F2Si has crafted MATE as a single-seat sled-based training device. It is in the process of acquiring FAA certification as an AATD. It is equipped with a simulated avionics system for both DA40/DA20 flight models. The cockpit is equipped with a physically simulated representation of the G1000 panels for a single engine aircraft, Diamond DA40/DA20-style flight controls for stick-type pitch/roll and rudder pedals for yaw control. Standby instruments are displayed on an LCD Monitor. The emulated G1000 hardware includes Primary Flight Display (PFD)/Multi-Function Display (MFD)/Audio along with an integrated Autopilot panel.

Students will be able to gain experience using the complex G1000 avionics suite in this device without consuming costly hours flying the actual aircraft. In addition, the device can simulate various emergency situations/failure scenarios in a safe environment, which will allow the CCBC to train students to be prepared for and have expertise with any emergency that may arise in the actual aircraft.

CCBC’s Simulator Program Manager Thomas Hupp said: “Before the addition of this simulator, students and their instructors completed some training requirements in a simulator representing an aircraft type not owned or flown by Aces Aviation. They will now be able to receive that training in a more compatible device, representing a Diamond D-40 and Diamond D-20, where the transfer of knowledge is directly related to the actual aircraft they fly.”