L3 Commercial Aviation launched its L3 Pilot Pathways Women Aviators Scholarship program in the U.S. The scholarships will provide female candidates with support towards the training costs of the Professional Pilot Program at L3’s Airline Academy in Sanford, Florida. Over the next 12 months, two successful candidates will receive financial support of up to $25,000, and eight additional candidates will receive financial support of up to $12,500.

“Attracting a wider range of talent by encouraging more diversity is crucial to addressing the pilot shortage and delivering a future generation of talented pilots,” said Robert Luthy, director of L3’s Florida Airline Academy.

With estimates showing that women currently represent less than six percent of commercial airline pilots worldwide, the scholarship will help to lower barriers to join the industry and increase awareness about its opportunities to this important demographic.

The L3 Pilot Pathways program is a broader commitment to improving the accessibility of training to aspiring pilots from all backgrounds. In December 2018, the L3 Pilot Pathways Female Scholarship program was launched in Europe, and there will be further scholarships and programs launched as part of the initiative during 2019.