ANA HOLDINGS INC. (ANA HD) has opened a new training center, ANA Blue Base (ABB), located near Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan. Construction concluded in March 2019 and allowed for partial operation from April 15, 2019. ANA HD plans for the facility to be both fully operational and open to the public by June 2020.

ABB will serve as a training hub for a wide range of ANA employees, offering instruction and connecting the diverse professionals such as pilots, flight attendants and maintenance staff. ABB will be used to improve the quality of ANA Group’s operations across the board, while also fostering professional development and promoting innovation. As ABB transforms professional culture at ANA, the knowledge gained here will lead to more efficient work techniques and enhanced safety tactics.

 Once the base is complete, it will house training simulators that will provide ANA personnel with the experience they need to appropriately respond to a wide range of potential emergencies. In addition to advanced mixed reality and virtual reality flight simulation technology, the facility is home to a motion mock-up for flight attendants and interactive firefighting training both first in Japan. There will also be door training for emergency situations and a specially designed pool to recreate water landings.

The facility will also feature areas designed to familiarize staff with ANA’s Japanese-style hospitality known as “Omotenashi.” By experiencing “Omotenashi” at the new Japanese tea room, ANA employees will know how to offer the airline’s service to passengers. Employees will have access to a variety of perks including the “Communication Lounge” and the “ANA Innovation Garage,” where staff can relax or work on projects as well as coordinate events.