The International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) is looking into the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements and how these can be improved, as it has been almost 10 years since its release.

The survey aims to gather views of operational pilots and controllers on their perspectives of communication issues among their counterparts (in other words if pilots feel there are any countries where ATC communication is an issue and vice versa). 

The survey aims to help answer these questions:

  • How do pilots and air traffic controllers feel about the standard of communication in English over the radio today?

  • Is the ICAO Level 4 Standard the same across the world? 

  • Are the ICAO LPRs improving language proficiency for radio communication?

With the results, ICAEA aims to identify trends that relate to how well the ICAO LPRs have been implemented in different countries and whether other communication issues are also affecting safety. With a big enough response, ICAEA would be able to report on these, including to ICAO. 

The survey takes two minutes to complete and can be found here.