Mountain Aviation has recently installed an ELITE iGATE King Air B200 advanced aviation training device (AATD) to perform many evaluation and training needs at their Part 135 operation.

"This device will be playing many roles within our company," said Gregg Fahrenbruch, Mountain Aviation's chief executive officer. "From initial interviews of potential pilot employees, the line-oriented flight training (LOFT) we do throughout the year, our Part 135 training department use, to our internal standards procedures training, we see the trainer as a tool that can take our team members to new levels of competency and confidence."

"An AATD like this King Air can provide on-site emergency procedures training, in addition to the instrument procedurals training for which ATDs are mostly known," said Wayne Keyes, ELITE's director of Business Development. "And with the detailed visual system, Mountain Aviation's pilots can practice difficult approaches in their mountainous region in a very safe way."