Boeing is supporting flight schools and aviation training organizations by offering its advanced Jeppesen and ForeFlight solutions including flight planning, charts, navigation data and dispatch training to help enhance student learning.

One of these agreements is with US-based ATP Flight School. "ATP is committed to providing the most efficient path towards becoming an airline pilot and equipping students with the resources they need for success," said Justin Dennis, ATP president. "Integrating Boeing's Jeppesen products and advanced capabilities into our students' current use of ForeFlight is a natural fit and builds on our mission of preparing students for successful airline pilot careers."

Boeing has also announced agreements with the Community College of Allegheny County, based in the US, who will be utilizing Boeing Learning content for the FAA Airline Transport Pilot certification, Jeppesen online course, training kits and charting solutions starting in the fall semester. Gulf Aviation Academy, based in Bahrain, will begin using Boeing's Jeppesen dispatch training program, which has been approved by the Bahrain Civil Aviation Authority. Ninety Nines Flying School, based in Kenya, will expand its existing Boeing learning content and begin using Boeing's Jeppesen dispatch training program. OxfordSaudia, based in Saudi Arabia, has signed for subscriptions to ForeFlight Mobile and Jeppesen's electronic charts service for their first 12 aircraft and two flight training devices. OxfordSaudia is the first flight school in Saudi Arabia to utilize integrated Jeppesen and ForeFlight solutions.