FlightSafety International Unmanned Systems Training now offers a specialized sUAS Civil/Government Services Remote Pilot Course.

“Our sUAS Civil/Government Services Remote Pilot course is designed to assist federal, state, and local government agencies to establish a UAS program, or to increase the effectiveness of their existing capabilities,” said Clint Strong, manager of FlightSafety’s Unmanned Systems Training Centers in Wichita, Kansas and Las Vegas, Nevada.

The course features ground school and instructor-led practical hands-on flight training. The flight training modules present scenarios that are relevant to specific missions including those of first responders and others. It also offers Safety Management Systems, Resource Management, Weather, and Fatigue Management training to help promote safety, and to develop leadership skills and teamwork.

“These courses feature a set of comprehensive training elements designed to help drone pilots develop the skills and tools required by commercial and government UAS operators,” added Clint Strong. “Completing these courses will help to establish a foundation that is needed for safe, reliable, and professional UAS operations.”

FlightSafety also provides Advanced Remote Pilot Series practical training courses, a Flight Risk Assessment Tool that is available through the App Store, as well as a series of e -learning courses. Professional Remote Pilot Fundamentals and sUAS Standards Instructor courses are conducted at FlightSafety’s Las Vegas Learning Center in conjunction with Praxis Aerospace Concepts.