one-G simulation has received the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Letter of Authorization for the Vero 28, a new flight training device based on the Piper Archer TX G1000 aircraft. The Vero 28 is approved as an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and meets FAA requirements toward the training and instrument recency of experience per FAR Parts 61 and 141.

Image credit: one-G

The AATD is model specific, emulating the flight characteristics, instrumentation, and cockpit ergonomics of the Piper Archer TX PA-28-181. Built for the rigors of high-volume flight training operations, the AATD is designed to roll through a standard 36-inch doorway.

The Vero 28 was developed within one-G’s Creative Solutions Studio as a custom commissioned project aimed at enabling the customer with an FAA approved simulator closely matching their own fleet of aircraft. Xylon Saltzman, one-G’s Founder and CEO said, “Our team was tasked with the development of a faithful model specific training device capable of withstanding the high volume use-cycles commonly found in a university training program.”