European flight simulation solution providers Euramec have delivered a first Diamond DA-20 flight simulator to Aeroviation Inc in Singapore.

EURAMEC’s DA-20 Flight Training Device has an enclosed cockpit with a grand 240 degree horizontal. It also has a 40-degree vertical view to create a realistic flying experience.

"Aeroviation is an aviation hub in Singapore that trains future aviators starting from seven-years-olds, all the way to adults," said Faris Iskandar, CEO Aeroviation.

"Students from 15 years onwards will proceed to obtain their Recreational Pilot Certificate or go further. The Diamond DA-20 is an excellent tool for students to transit smoothly to an actual aircraft and obtain their licenses in a short amount of time."

Euramec builds flight simulators and delivers integrated services to commercial flight training centers, military and government agencies. It also caters for private flying schools - providing a turnkey high-fidelity flight simulation solution to customers worldwide.

Euramec is based in Belgium with sales offices in Europe, Canada, Hangzhou, Harbin, Hong Kong and Singapore.