Billund Air Center (BAC) has developed a way to efficiently use its ALSIM ALX by adopting pre-simulation training. BAC designed its own ALSIM Training Procedure with Aviation eLearning’s V360E.

Jørn Askholm, BAC’s Head of Training, explained the idea behind it: “We have invested a considerable amount in our new ALSIM ALX and wanted to optimize what we get out of it, not just economically but also from a training perspective. With V360E we were able to explain procedures in a much more engaging way to our students, and we clearly see the difference. Our students learn more and faster, as they are familiar with the simulator before they enter.”

Through V360E, BAC instructors created a Virtual360 trainer on how to use the ALX. “It truly prepares our students for the ALX and we can focus on flying and non-technical skills. The fact that we can customize the procedures to our SOP is essential and the fact that students use their own devices anytime, anywhere, so we don’t have to invest in any hardware,” Askholm added.