The U.S. Air Force’s Operation Training Infrastructure (OTI) program recently issued a software certification for Advanced Simulation Technology inc. (ASTi)’s Telestra and Redsim products. The certification affirms that the Air Force OTI is authorized to use ASTi’s products, which now appear in the OTI Evaluated/Approved Products List (OTI E/APL).

Image credit: US Air Force

ASTi's Telestra systems integrate with simulators across the Air Force Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) enterprise. Telestra provides Air Force simulators with critical simulation capabilities including tactical voice and data link communications, electronic warfare, navigation aids, and cockpit aural cues.

ASTi’s Redsim software toolkit also delivers comprehensive network diagnostics for Air Force technical staff who troubleshoot, evaluate and validate DMO simulation interoperability.

ASTi products have continually held the U.S. government’s highest cybersecurity accreditation status since 2005. This accomplishment proves the company's commitment to develop and maintain cyber-secure products safeguarding valuable information critical to the warfighter's mission.