PilotWorkshops launched a new video training program called “Private Pilot: The Missing Lessons”. Patterned after its IFR version, the program contains lessons that are often overlooked, glossed over or not fully explained during Private Pilot training. Topics include planning, comms, weather, night flying, and long range VFR trips, all with an emphasis on using today’s technology.

“There are so many aspects of VFR flying that can’t possibly be covered in primary training. These Missing Lessons demonstrate powerful tools and techniques that help any Private Pilot achieve a higher level of comfort and proficiency,” explains PilotWorkshops’ founder Mark Robidoux.

The program includes 36 videos that teach a technique or procedure, and then demonstrate the technique in a sim flight that includes live ATC. This “show-then-do” format enhances understanding and retention.

Pilots completing the course are eligible for 6 WINGS credits.