Euramec, the European flight simulation solution provider has teamed up with Australia’s GeoSim to deliver Vulcan, an aerial firefighting simulation solution.
The aim of the Vulcan Simulation Center is to prepare aviators for the unexpected emergencies that can and do occur when flying into areas at low altitudes in adverse climatic conditions. Vulcan is designed to also support joint training exercises so that fire and rescue professionals are well practiced in mission preparation, communication, situational awareness and terrain familiarisation before they start to work as an effective team.

“Development of the GeoSim Vulcan Firefighting Simulation solution was already well under way before the devastating wildfires in Australia in 2019,” Charles Du Plessis, MD GeoSim explained. “We believe that our Aerial Firefighting Simulation Center will assist in further preparing our brave and skilled aerial aviators as they enter  into the 2020/21 fire season and Vulcan could well prove to be a real lifesaver in this annual battle.”
GeoSim is teaming up with Euramec to market and promote Vulcan as the turnkey aircrew training solution of choice for specialist SAR and AFF professionals, and to also ensure that the simulators used in the Center are fully compliant with EASA FNPT-II standards.