The COMPASS developers'  team is continuously working towards the improvement of services and taking care of  their partners and has released Pre-COMPASS and a new fully Windows 10 compatible version of COMPASS, which is more user-friendly and has increased functionalities.

COMPASS is a computer based selection tool that fulfills the need for a reliable, objective, scientifically proven and cost-effective screening method. Pilot competencies as described in the IATA guidelines for pilot training are assessed in a variety of tests. As the pilot community ages, it is wise to redesign the pilot selection process now in such a way that scaling up for selection of pilots becomes flawless and cost-effective. When not applying a robust pilot selection process, the number of pilots failing in training is significant. By using COMPASS as a selection tool in combination with a standardized simulator assessment, it is possible to reduce the number of candidates failing their flight training to virtually zero. COMPASS partner EPST has had a failure rate since 1999 of less than 2.0 % after the selection process.

Another newly developed and completely internet-based selection tool is Pre-COMPASS, which will allow airlines and FTOs to quickly determine candidates’ initial suitability and quickly create a shortlist of possible suitable candidates thus saving time and effort in search of suitable candidates. This solution pre-selects large quantities of potential candidates far more efficiently and reduces selection costs. A full COMPASS test can then be administerd to the pre-selected candidates.