Flight school Learn to Fly Melbourne is the first in Australia to use Copenhagen-based Aviation eLearning’s Virtual 360E Editor (V360E) cockpit training technology. V360E creates and distributes virtual flight training modules as well as non-aircraft virtual training.

Learn to Fly CEO Kai Li commented that V360E matches the school’s aim to provide cost-effective training that allows aspirants to reach flying goals faster. “V360E lets us customise our own aircraft procedures. Our instructors love it, and the best part, our students can access unlimited cockpit experience in the smartest way imaginable, from anywhere in the world.”

Learn to Fly instructors collaborated in the V360E platform to build their aircraft procedures. Each procedure is set in a 360 photo of the actual aircraft the students use for training. This setup boosts mastery and cognitive abilities which translate to actual performance. Students will be able to access their dedicated virtual cockpit trainer using the V360E app.