Serious Labs has entered into a partnership with the Alberta Construction Training Institute (ACTI) and the Building Trades of Alberta (BTA) to pilot a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) operator certification program using Serious Labs’ VR MEWP simulator. The pilot marks the first ANSI-compliant MEWP certification training program in North America that recognizes assessment and certification on a VR simulator.

Six motion-based MEWP simulators are available in the province of Alberta at ACTI’s Ironworkers Local 720 and IBEW Local 424 locations to train and certify a new generation of construction workers. Over the next month, ACTI will complete multiple practical assessments during the MEWP training and will complete practical assessment exercises for certification on both the real equipment and Serious Labs’ VR MEWP simulator.

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“This is a significant milestone for Serious Labs and VR training overall,” said Jim Colvin, CEO, Serious Labs. “This program demonstrates that operators can be successfully trained and assessed to industry standards with efficiency, proficiency and safety being measured and certified on a VR simulator. Our VR solutions continue to be recognized and adopted around the world as a safe and efficient alternative to group training and assessment, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking forward to making further strides in the near future as the efficacy of VR and simulators grows.” 

The pilot, running through mid-October, is being used to certify and recertify operators to the ANSI 3A/3B standards. ACTI has already certified 52 operators through the pilot program which began in September.