The Alpha Aviation Simulator Centre has been officially inaugurated. The new simulator centre, located nearby Sharjah International Airport, United Arab Emirates, aims to allow Alpha Aviation Academy to further extend its services to pilots who can benefit from refresher trainings, Type-Rating, CBT courses, radiotelephony sessions and aviation workshops during these unprecedented times.

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The centre is equipped with an Airbus A320 FSTD (Fixed-Base) that has both Classic CFM-ceo and CFM-neo LEAP engine options by the Airbus A320 engine provider and supplier of jet engines for commercial airplanes, CFM International.

The centre will help support the continuity of international and regional flight simulator training. Characterised by an advanced RSI visual system supporting high-definition resolution of high-detail airports, the centre’s FSTD purveys additional capacity for the academy’s simulator training products.

Those who attended the inauguration included Adel Al Ali, Chairman – Alpha Aviation Academy UAE; Capt. Nadhem AlHamad, General Manager – Alpha Aviation Academy UAE; Capt. Yaser Alharmi, Board Member – Alpha Aviation Academy UAE; and Capt. Nandkumar Ramaswami, Manager – Air Arabia Crew Training.