LuxCarta has launched its new web-based viewer to demonstrate its seamless BrightEarth® global cloud-free mosaic derived from Sentinel-2 imagery. Registered users will be able to view anywhere in the world and drill down to see the latest version of the LuxCarta basemap. The company created this initial demonstrator to showcase the BrightEarth products at the vIITSEC global simulation and training event being held online this year.

“This is a demonstrator of our BrightEarth platform that lets prospects see our global BrightEarth mosaic and assess our accuracy and quality for themselves – anywhere in the world,” said Albéric Maumy, managing director of LuxCarta. “We’ll be adding e-commerce and GIS selection capabilities with the launch version of the platform early in 2021. Thereafter, we’ll add other BrightEarth products as they become available.”

LuxCarta launched its BrightEarth product line earlier this year. The 10m color-balanced seamless mosaic representing the Earth in bright and natural color is the inaugural product available in the platform. The BrightEarth mosaic is created in the cloud using LuxCarta’s deep learning models that select the most recent cloud-free raw images from the Sentinel-2 program. The current iteration of the BrightEarth global mosaic includes 78% of images from 2019-2020.

For vIITSEC attendees LuxCarta will also demonstrate some samples of the 10-class land use/land cover – the next BrightEarth product to be released on the platform. The BrightEarth building extraction and tree polygon capabilities will also be shown on some sub-meter imagery.

The BrightEarth platform will reside on once it is ready for commercial deployment in 2021. Customers will be able to browse through desired products and determine prices based on a number of selected geocells. They will also be able to use a series of GIS tools to trim their areas of interest and perform e-commerce transactions. LuxCarta will also publish its API for customers interested in more integrated solutions.

“On-demand imagery is what our customers have been asking for in the simulation & training market and elsewhere,” concluded Maumy. “We’re excited to take another big step in delivering on our vision of employing AI and demonstrating it for the first time at the vIITSEC event.”