CAE USA Mission Solutions Inc. has been awarded a subcontract from BAE Systems to support the prototype development of a new Wargaming Center to be built at U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia.

BAE Systems is one of three prime contractors selected for an 18-month cloud modeling and simulation development phase that will leverage a range of advanced digital technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), game theory, predictive data analytics and multi-domain synthetic environments.  The objective is to provide the Marine Corps with a more immersive and data-driven synthetic environment to be used for evaluating and analyzing capability development, operational plans, and wargaming processes.

As part of the BAE Systems industry team, CAE USA Mission Solutions will provide simulation expertise and synthetic environment development services, including weather modeling, terrain generation and three-dimensional (3D) data visualization. 

“The Marine Corps Wargaming Center is yet another example of our military services beginning to harness the power of digital technologies and synthetic environments for planning, analysis, training and decision support,” said Ray Duquette, President and General Manager, CAE USA.  “Our expertise related to data fusion and visualization are a perfect complement to the industry team led by BAE Systems that will develop a next-generation wargaming capability for the Marines.”

The Marine Corps Wargaming Capability initiative, which includes the new Wargaming Center, is led by the Marine Corps Systems Command.  The goal is to create an analytically informed decision support capability that aids the Marine Corps with concept and combat development, force design and operational plan assessments.