Following a public tender, SIMAERO won the contract for training and maintaining the skills of pilots on Airbus A330 type aircraft of the French Air and Space Force.

The pilots are trained for the benefit of the 31st Strategic Air Transport and Refueling Squadron (EARTS) operating the Airbus A330 MRTT "Phénix" based in Istres (Bouches du Rhône).

Multirole aircraft allowing the transport of passengers and cargo while ensuring its in-flight refueling mission, the “Phénix” is ​​gradually entering into service with the French Air Force and space, replacing the Boeing C135-FRs. Equipped with a medical evacuation capacity, these planes were used during Operation Resilience against COVID-19.

This service includes training such as Type Qualification, Cross Crew Qualification, instructors and examiners training, etc. These training sessions will be provided on the Full Flight Simulator A330 v2.5 Upset Prevention and Recovery Training simulator based in its Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle center. Training in the differences between the civil A330-200 aircraft and the A330 MRTT "Phénix" aircraft is also the responsibility of SIMAERO.