The NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG) has launched a call for papers for the Annual Symposium 2022 (MSG-197). The event, co-chaired by Mr. Wim Huiskamp and Mr Bharat Patel, and under the theme "Emerging and Disruptive Modelling and Simulation Technologies to Transform Future Defence Capabilities" is scheduled for 20-21 October 2022 in Bath, the United Kingdom.

Future military capabilities will spawn from technologies that are emerging now or in the near future. These technologies will revolutionise M&S development and expand its exploitation across defence, including in multi-domain training, operational decision making, and force or capability development. M&S technologies must rapidly transform requirements into capabilities to meet challenges that are increasingly complex, ambiguous, destabilising and potentially catastrophic. Future capabilities will have to cope with known and unknown threats from state to individual actors, in adverse climate environments.

The MSG-197 Programme Committee invites papers on how M&S can take advantage of emerging or disruptive technologies (e.g. Mixed Reality, AI/ML, Quantum Clouds, Digital Twins, meta-verse, human body or brain augmentation etc.) to provide future cost-effective capabilities to prepare an agile force at a very high level of readiness and enable it to make the right decisions in a complex multi-domain future operating environment. 

Papers may cover the full range of domains and applications: including joint, air, land, maritime, cyber, space, EW/DEW, CBR, autonomy or human-machine, influence and information operations, C4ISR & military-civil decision making support.

Abstracts should be submitted to the MSCO Assistant by email: no later than 29 April 2022.

All sessions will be conducted at PUBLIC RELEASE level. The event is open to NATO nations, NATO Bodies, Science and Technology Organization Enhanced Opportunity Partners (STO EOP), Partnership for Peace countries (PfP), Global Partners (GP) and Invited Contact Countries (Brazil, India and Singapore).