Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has launched its new technology product, Mantle ETM at IT2EC in London, taking place 26-28 April. Mantle Enterprise Terrain Management (ETM) is a custom-built platform based on proven commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) components and expert design/development services for creating simulated terrain for training, mission rehearsal, visualization and terrain analysis.

“Mantle ETM is based on the terrain pipeline work we’ve been doing with the US Army. We’re very excited to present this technology to our entire customer base, the advantages will be truly compelling,” says BISim President, Arthur Alexion.

A Mantle ETM installation delivers a cloud-capable custom terrain pipeline that works with user data, processes, servers, and runtimes, integrating with existing terrain capabilities or delivering a full end-to-end terrain creation and management solution from scratch. Mantle ETM can be deployed on the cloud or on a local network and supports synchronization between servers.

“One of Mantle ETM’s use cases is taking geospatial terrain data from almost any source and providing a high fidelity, procedurally improved base globe to multiple simulations or visualization runtimes. This essentially makes it an important tool for creating a Digital Twin of anywhere on Earth,” says Earl Laamanen, TerraSim’s Technical Director.

The Mantle ETM platform is based on robust COTS components - TerraTools components (for terrain generation), VBS4’s Blue Data Pipeline technology (for procedural enhancement), and VBS World Server components (terrain storage and server capabilities). It is designed with accessibility in mind. Users can quickly learn to rapidly create and edit terrain on the fly with the VBS Geo editing tool, leveraging the 8,000+ 3D model content library. Edits can be stored and curated centrally.