Astrom Training Solutions has created an immersive 3D cockpit environment to practice flow learning of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and emergency procedures. Using high fidelity virtual cockpit images and fully interactive controls, the Cockpit Trainer can teach pilots the essential knowledge of controls and workflows prior to simulator training.   Consequently, pilots are able to perform effectively during simulator evaluations, reducing the time and cost of simulator training for airlines.  

The Astrom Cockpit Trainer provides a portable, immersive cockpit experience for pilots to practice Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), as well as abnormal procedures, and a rich opportunity for pilots to familiarize themselves with cockpit controls, learn workflow standards, build muscle memory for correct SOP execution, and improve cockpit spatial awareness, all in a safe and realistic virtual environment. 

Astrom also collaborates with airline partners to create customized virtual procedures from its base library, with selected aircraft types, pilot characteristics, lighting and backgrounds. Procedures are mapped into workflows which visualize the order of actions, in accordance with regulatory and airline standards. With Astrom VR Cockpit Trainer, airlines can increase training efficiency, reinforce correct application of standards, and reduce total training cost.