Billie Flynn has been appointed Vice President Technology & Strategic Development of International Test Pilots School (ITPS). Since joining ITPS over a year ago, Flynn has made excellent contributions to its projects, curricula and instruction.

As a 5th Gen Fighter Subject Matter Expert he is providing essential advice and guidance on the development and services at the ITPS and the International Tactical Training Centre (ITTC). His experience flying advanced 5th Gen fighter is being leveraged to develop a 5th Gen Technology Roadmap to ensure that the ITPS/ITTC 5th Gen platform and curriculum prepare fighter pilots and test pilot students for advanced fighter aircraft.

Flynn will support the development, testing, and introduction to service of the ITPS 5th Generation Surrogate Training Aircraft (5STA) and Advanced Controls Evaluator L-39 (FBW, VSS aircraft) and fulfil a business development role leading key initiatives for the test pilot school. He will continue to provide insight and mentorship to students on modern combat aircraft flight testing and flight test safety.

On the tactical side, Flynn will advise on technology and curriculum development for the International Tactical Training Centre (ITTC) programmes, delivered domestically and worldwide, to reflect the necessary advancements to properly equip today's fighter pilot trainees for tomorrow's service fighter aircraft.

Flynn is a former Royal Canadian Air Force fighter pilot and test pilot. His over thirty-year flight test career includes stints at Edwards Air Force Base testing fighter aircraft, DASA (now Airbus, Manching) testing Eurofighter and at Lockheed Martin testing the F-35. He retired from Lockheed Martin as Senior F-35 Test Pilot and Fellow after a long and stellar career evaluating all variants of the F-35 and extensive F-16 testing. Flynn is a Fellow and Past President of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots.