AeroGuard is providing free housing to students at its other campuses while its Punta Gorda, Florida, location is currently under reconstruction from Hurricane Ian.

Due to Hurricane Ian, there has been significant damage to AeroGuard’s training office, hangar, and airplanes, rendering all inoperable for training at the Punta Gorda campus (PGD) in Florida. While the school’s PGD campus plans on reopening and is currently working with the airport team on a plan of reconstruction, the school is allowing students to transfer to other campuses and will provide free housing.


Students will be given the opportunity to transfer to any other AeroGuard campus to maintain their progress in the program until such time when the school can provide more definitive answers for the re-opening of PGD. Under this alternative, stuudents will receive free housing in its student accommodations (students will be responsible for moving to the local area) until the PGD campus reopens.

This free housing would last until the PGD campus re-opens, or for as long as it reasonably takes students to complete the Pathway Program based on their current point in training. If students are currently paying for student housing with one of the school’s loan partners, this amount would be refunded to the lender, or could be disbursed as a stipend to help with the cost of living.