At GSOF Symposium Europe, that took place in Budapest from 4th to 6th October 2022, Slovenian hi-tech company Guardiaris and Hungarian company Continest successfully launched the ultimate Mobile Training Center - MTC. Guardiaris’ laserless Small Arms Mobile Trainer - SAMT is permanently pre-installed in Continest's foldable container, enabling a simple, straightforward use at any chosen location. After the training, the container is folded to 20% of its original size, making warehousing and transport easy. MTC presents a mobile and infrastructurally independent solution for best-in-class tactical and marksmanship training.

With the use of a forklift, MTC is constructed and training-ready in under an hour. Containers are robust, weather resistant, and safe, capable even of ballistic resistance. With preinstalled hardware, such as a projector, sound floor, or computer, the training can begin immediately after the placing and unfolding of containers. Patented technology used in the MTC supports unique training approach with adaptability to different weapons, topological configurability of training area, and precise After-Action Review that shortens the learning cycle.  

MTC runs on laserless technology, enabled by the patented SAS module. It allows soldiers to move freely within a designated area while using any possible type of weapon. The unrestricted soldiers' tactical motion in any pose is significantly enhancing training authenticity and immersion. SAS module supports precise After-Action Review with collecting of detailed 6D position and orientation of the weapon and shot placement. It even captures data on shooters’ focus, body posture, biometrics, and cognitive load. Data for each trainee is instantly available for qualitative analysis, enabling rapid personalization of training. After-Action Review with 4D video replay assists trainees in immediately perceiving instructors’ analysis, which significantly shortens the learning cycle.  

Simulation trainers complement expensive live training and must, as such, ensure a highly realistic environment to reach the high standards of military training. Guardiaris' own 3D image generator GUARD features extremely fast real-world terrain data integration, with dynamic weather conditions, and dynamic terrain changes, realistic vehicle dynamics and accurate weapon ballistics. High-fidelity 3D visual and powerful surround sound, supported by a special sound-shock floor that emulates the physical shock of real battlefield situations, produce full realistic immersion and add stress, while significantly elevating training complexity.  

The complete training system now comes in transportable and foldable containers, which reshapes the concept of military training. Mobility is ensured with straightforward installation, enabling the user to bring the training to the trainees on demand. With MTC, training can be implemented in any place without quality or diversity sacrifices. Regardless of location, the solution enables training with multiple types of small arms weapons, anti-tank, shoulder-launched weapons and other weapon systems. 

"MTC is bringing fully equipped simulator trainers to any possible location, which fundamentally changes military training organisation and implementation. It is infrastructurally independent and uses scientific approach to learning which opens up a new concept of military training," said Primož Peterca, CEO of Guardiaris.