Twenty-four years after Aechelon Technology was founded, the company has now expanded its San Francisco, California, headquarters. The location is adjacent to the San Francisco International Airport in the middle of the Genentech campus.

The move was in direct response to recent major contract awards, requiring the company to grow and add resources and more optimized space. At the same time, the company co-located its secure cloud to support increased program needs, at times requiring access to over 150 PetaBytes of multi-spectral data, so Aechelon needed a phase change on secure cloud IT infrastructure.

Aechelon is at its most exciting wave of innovation yet, with a crossroads of multiple technologies: Mixed/Augmented Reality, real-time multi-spectral rendering, global geospatial databases, and large-scale Machine Learning, which has accelerated deliveries in its programs from several years to just a few months.