Leading Edge Aviation (LEAL) has launched a fully funded pilot and instructor training programme.  Six successful candidates will secure a completely funded place on the Leading Edge Aviation LEAP course.  After completing pilot training and gaining their Commercial Pilot Licence, the graduates will undertake Flight Instructor training and take up a salaried post within the Leading Edge Aviation Flight Instructor team for a minimum of two years. 

The ATO (Approved Training Organisation), who announced the introduction of their foundation flying facilities at their campus in Alhama, southern Spain earlier this summer, is excited to share this news. The concept of employing the very highest calibre graduates as Flight Instructors is a well-recognised strategy amongst air forces and commercial airlines worldwide. For each of the six successful candidates this is worth in excess of £115,000 in training fees plus the guarantee of employment. 

Chief Executive Officer Leading Edge Aviation, Andy McFarlane commented, “We have long recognised that many potential students with the aptitude and attitude to become excellent pilots simply do not have the opportunity to do so, due to the cost of pilot training. This coupled with the industry's need to continue to employ the highest calibre Flight Instructors lead us to create this new initiative. This is a fantastic professional development opportunity in which we are able to offer fully funded professional pilot training to exceptional individuals with the passion, drive and skills to learn to fly, and then take it one step further by giving them a real flying start to their career in inspiring the next generation".