SkyArt’s A320-321 neo Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer Simulator (CEET) device has been chosen for Air Astana and will be installed in Air Astana’s new training center opening in 2023. 

The device will enable the cabin crew to practice normal and abnormal situations in a realistic environment. The device will be equipped with functional main doors, overwing exits, cockpit, cabin interior, cabin crew stations, galleys, lavatories and the instructor operating station. The simulator will be raised on the static platform in order to provide actual door sill height supported with an evacuation slide for emergency landing drills. 

The fully simulated A320-321 cockpit cabin will allow the cabin crew to make a practical training of “pilot in-capacitation” drill. 

Seven Functional doors and overwing exits (ceo&neo) with multi malfunctions simulate the door system operations both in normal and emergency conditions. All doors and windows in the cabin will be equipped with displays and flight simulations to create a realistic environment inside the device such as ditching (emergency landing on water), crash landing, over run, main collapse, nose collapse, rejected take off, rapid decompression, panic environment, engine fires, explosions, etc.. all these scenarios are supported by highly quality speakers and subwoofers. 

Fire and smoke are most dangerous situations in an aircraft. Cabin crew should be well prepared for these unexpected scenarios. The device simulates artificial fire and smoke scenarios at various locations in the device. Cabin, overheadbin, lavatory and galley fire can be practiced by using fire extinguishers and smoke hoods in the device. 

A video system camera in various places in the cabin is installed to monitor the training session. All camera views can be recorded and played back for debriefing from the screens in the cabin.