Just in time for winter in the northern hemisphere, Avsoft International has released a Contaminated Runways course for pilot general subject training. This online aviation course includes two modules, which cover the following topics: definitions, classification of contaminants, airport movement areas, runway condition reports, runway temperature monitoring, runway treatment and inspection, takeoff performance, landing performance, operational guidelines, runway arresting systems, and runway overrun accidents.

Avsoft developed the Contaminated Runways course to meet FAA, EASA, and ICAO training requirements. This general subject course delivers around four hours of instruction and is suitable for ground school theory study.

Each module concludes with a test, and when the course is successfully completed, a certificate is generated. Airlines and ATOs can edit the end-of-module test questions, as well as create a final exam. 

All Avsoft courses, including Contaminated Runways, are SCORM compliant and can be delivered on any LMS.