Aviation Insider and Symbiotics have partnered to provide a range of pilot aptitude assessments to both qualified pilots looking for a new position and future pilots looking to start their career within aviation.

Aviation Insider’s aim since it was launched in 2016 is to provide those within the aviation industry a comprehensive package of products and services that enables aviation professionals to manage their career from start to finish.

Pilot aptitude tests are a common part of a person’s journey to becoming a pilot, being used by airlines and flight schools to predict a candidate’s likelihood to be successful in the flight training process. Fully qualified pilots looking for new jobs are also likely to encounter pilot aptitude tests, as airlines are increasingly using these to ensure compliance with the psychological element of the EASA Aircrew Medical Fitness Regulation introduced in February 2021.

This new partnership will see Aviation Insider offering Symbiotics’ Pilot Aptitude Practice Tests to their members, to help them to prepare for their assessments. Being able to have experience by using these practice tests can help candidates to familiarise themselves with the testing process they may encounter as part of an airline’s assessment process and identify any areas that may require further work prior to taking their assessment with an airline or ATO.

“Preparation is hugely important in the pilot aptitude testing process. It is great to be able to work with Aviation Insider to prepare both future and qualified pilots in removing the fear factor from these regulations, so that Pilots can perform to the best of their ability during the recruitment process,” said Symbiotics’ Managing Director, Hannah Davies.